DEMOGRAPHICS is a brand unto itself making maternity clothes for women who want to look and feel great as their bodies change shape. Their customer is no different from any other visitor that you target so please promote in a different way to how you would promote any other online fashion store.
Our customers were into fashion before they became pregnant and want to remain fashionable during their pregnancy. The clothing we sell is “High street fashion with a bump". From chic maternity street wear and smart office look to stunning party wear.
Women when they are pregnant don want to be locked away hidden from society, they want to show their bump and still be noticed. So forget those old wives tales and stereotyping and promote hot maternity fashion to die for! - High street fashion with a bump! Your customer will for the most part order once or twice, three times is not unusual.
So who is a customer?
Age: The target market is 24 to 38 fashion conscious women.
Hobbies: Meeting up with girls on a Thursday for a bottle of wine and a gossip.  Goes to and has dinner parties. Enjoys modern and classical music. She is internet savvy and currently buys online.
Personality: Values friends and their opinions. Wants to return to work after maternity leave. Confident but modest. Wants to still look sexy whilst pregnant.     
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Commissions are set at 10% default rising to 15% which beats most of our competitors. Affiliate commission increases are on a case by case basis and affiliates can be confident that increases in commission are not only based on the number of sales generated but we also reward affiliates based on loyalty and overall performance. We offer affiliates a full product feed, industry sized banners and buttons as well as promotional material and content units.
We have stopped doing claw backs on returned goods, we review this every six months.
We use 1 Affiliate Network:
PPC Bidding   
Please do not bid on our name ("funmum") or any variation of the name in any ppc campaign, the reason for this is we already have active campaigns in-house. We do not want to have to compete with our affiliates and we will be using a two strikes and you e out rule. You may use our domain name in the display url. Any affiliate using our display url in any ppc campaign and is pointing to our competitors is not allowed period! We consider you as a partner and we believe we are being fair, we expect the same in return.
Discount Vouchers
If we issue you with discount vouchers, the rule is you may only display the discount voucher if you also display the expiry date.
Commission increases
We operate an open and flexible affiliate program. Increases in commissions will be at the discretion of the affiliate manager. If we increase your affiliate commissions we will notify you. All commissions are paid to you via the third party network, if you have any payment queries please contact your network.
We operate a clean affiliate program
We do not support spyware, malware or any derivative of these.
We will not tolerate any links on any pornography sites, or any site that may contain content or images that could incite race hate, homophobia or could be deemed as antisocial and could easily offend.
Keep it simple, use these steps:
1. Guide your visitor to what you want them to see.
2. Explain why it is on your website.
3. Use your own words and descriptions (avoid google duplicate copy penalty). The more content the better you will fair.
4. Be unique.
5. Focus on a few aspect of instead of trying to describe the whole website. Example: Maternity combats.
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